About Us


A combination of sophistication and urban style. This is our uniquely coined phrase to describe our mission at Headbangers Salon.We are all very current with the latest trends and can create them in a sophisticated way or a bold and trendy way (like urban hair is worn) , hence the term "sophurban." Stop in for a free consultation today.

Headbangers History

Headbangers Salon was created when owner, Michelle Severa, decided it was finally time to go out on her own. She decided to bring along with her three stylists who happen to be amazingly talented stylists/colorists and also her close friends.

During her 20 years of experience in the hair industry, Michelle worked at a few different salons and spas. Through that process, she learned a lot about the importance of hair salons getting back to being able to just specialize in hair. This is what sparked her to open her "boutique" hair salon.

Our salon is a moderate size, not too big and not too small. Most of our clientele feel that it is just right. We take pride in the fact that at Headbangers Salon, we are able to fully provide excellent hair services and quality customer service. This is extremely important to us and to our clientele. We want everyone who walks through our door to feel special and welcome. We always have clients comment on how welcoming our atmosphere is.


If we had to describe the look of our salon it would be sophisticated but urban. From the extremely sophisticated look of the exterior of our building to the amazingly urban, artsy look of the decor in the interior of the building. This is how we express our ability to provide both sophisticated and also artsy, urban looks on our clientele. All of our stylists have completed extensive amounts of continuing education throughout our careers. We are fully capable of producing the most current trending hair colors/styles. Stop by or call for a free consultation and to check out our amazingly cool, hip, beautiful salon!

Being located on the Mainline, it can be challenging to have a location with ample parking. Well...Headbangers Salon was fortunate enough to find a space that has plenty of parking and guess what?...It's free!

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